Youth Law relating to the movie sleepers

    I added essay instructions as a word file (RESEARCH PAPER Copy)

    Please use 5 or more scholarly sources (journals preferred) [i have attached one source for you that must be used, its about the young brain relating to crime, it is labeled 5]

    Paper needs to be in apa style double spaced.

    Please use case law to justify your decisions on how to proceed with these youths as a judge, case laws count as one source (only use for case law references).
    Also, reference charges that would have been layed against these youths if they were over 18 at the age of the offense (reference from criminal code). Also reference how the Youth criminal justice act would have changed process of these youth to be reintegrated into society considering their age (12 – 18 birthday at time of offence will deal with ycja not charges under criminal code) (diversion programs, please emphasize this as well).

    Background on the movie clip: Boys steal hotdog stand and accidentally throw it down subway stairs, Injuring a man. They have stolen
    hotdogs from the same hotdog vendor before but not caught.

    Please also include that the hotdog vendor was also affected, not physically of course. He sells hotdogs to make a living and these kids stole it as a prank, ruining his day of business and vandalizing his hot dog cart by throwing it down subway stairs.

    Please fill no less than 3/4 of the 6th page. Full 6th pages preferred however.

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