Yes or No to Child Vaccinations

    1. Summary: Annotations summarize the source. What type of source is it, and what is it about? If its a source with a point-of-view/position, what are the main points of the sources argument? What topics are covered? If someone asked what this article/book is about, what would you say? Your summary should cover the entire scope of the source. If you are using a chapter from a book, then you need to summarize the chapters scope and touch on the books overall coverage.

    2. Evaluation: Prepare a critical analysis of the source. What are the credentials of the author(s), and are they biased or objective? Here, you comment on the overall quality of the source by examining various components of the material. Is the information reliable? What kind of source is it: academic, popular, government, a website published by an association, etc? (You will also state this above, usually in the first sentence.) What is the purpose of this communication and who is the intended audience?

    This is the source below (It is a peer reviewed article)

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