Xrays and CT scans

    The following essay has to be edited and these are the comments and instructions


    There have not been any in-text citations in the entire essay meaning that facts and words have been replicated without giving credit to the authors.

    Some paragraphs are even copied word for word, for instance The general formula for energy of a single photon of an electromagnetic wave such as an X-ray is given by Planck’s equation: E=h, in which energy E in Joules is equal to the the product of Planck’s constant h (6.626 10 34 Js) and the frequency (pronounced “nu”) in units of s_-1_. For a given frequency of an electromagnetic wave, you can calculate the associated X-ray energy for a single photon using this equation. It applies to all forms of electromagnetic radiation including visible light, gamma rays, and X-rays.

    I have not been presented with a personal calculation, there have only been a paragraph with the general formula.

    There is no title or research question presented in the text.

    The overall structure is unclear, the text is lacking a background section as well as a conclusion paragraph. Since there is no research question, the purpose of the whole essay is extremely unclear.

    I have not seen proof of personal engagement since the text seems extremely impersonal, some parts are directly copied from the internet which shows a lack of engagement.

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