XN Project Essay in Analytics

    Assignment – XN Essay
    Please read all materials, and based on the project proposal to complete the Essay, all requirements as followed: (Project dataset and Code already attached as file.)
    Dataset: custom_audience_ads.csv  lookalike_data.csv
    Data instruction: data_dict.docx
    Code file: Project Code in R.docx
    Requirement: this program and outside, the program learning outcomes, course materials, your personal assumptions and biases to find meaningful connections that helped you form new perspective on how to tackle the topic challenge, as a graduate of this program (add this to the conclusion or introduction).
    It consists of sections:
    1.    Introduction
    2.    Rational
    3.    Timetable
    4.    Project Risk
    5.    Evaluation (Discuss how progress will be evaluated throughout and at the end of the project, State which methods will be used to monitor and evaluate the project)
    6.    Analysis
    7.    Outputs
    8.    Dead ends
    9.    Conclusion
    Format: 6 pages, APA format (Title, references, format, headers, etc…)

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