Writing the Introduction

    Conduct an internet search with the keywords of “evidence-based practices in criminal justice.” Click on some of the results that end in .gov. Read about the evidence-based practices and discuss the importance and role of research in criminal justice. Also, discuss the importance of using evidence-based policies. You may cite specific examples in your post from the .gov websites you access.

    It should cite at least one credible resource (the textbook, module lecture, required and recommended readings are excellent resources).

    Selecting Peer Reviewed Sources

    As graduate learners completing an academic research degree, you must support your work with empirical, academic research.  The following resources, available will assist you as you insure that you are selecting appropriate sources for your module 8 Project.

    Tutorial:  Evaluating Sources

    Handout:  Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Articles and Journals

    Website:  Scholarly Journals vs. Trade Magazines vs. Popular Magazines




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