WRITING ASSIGNMENT – Public Works Unionization

    WRITING ASSIGNMENT – Public Works Unionization

    Assignment:  Public Works Unionization Report

    Detail:  Read the following scenario:

    You are the Human Resources Director for a city Department of Public Works.  The city council learned of possible unionization by the department’s workforce.  The council has asked for you to provide an unbiased report, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of a unionized environment in the public sector.

    Write a paper of approximately 900 words that includes the following:


    • Describe collective bargaining types of groups and their representation.
    • Compare public and private sector collective bargaining dynamics.
    • Develop recommendations for how the Department of Public Works should approach unionization if it does become a reality to mitigate potential issues.

    Include 3 scholarly sources to support your analysis.

    Format – APA Format


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