Writing Assignment & Discussion



    You will hike in teams of 5 (with a possible 6th – an Observer).

    Each climber has unique goals as well as the common goal of avoiding rescue.

    You have 6 days –one round per day– to reach the summit.

    Although you are hiking together, everyone submits their own hiking decisions each round.

    You will use specific resources and information provided to work together as you attempt to summit Everest.


    Step 1: Your Profile

    Read your role-specific profile information to learn about your background and your reasons for hiking the mountain.


    This screen also provides important information about how your individual score will be calculated.

    Step 2: Review the Data


    Each team member is represented by an icon. You can track a member’s location on the Mountain View screen.

    The dashboard provides high level information about your current status. More detailed information is available by clicking on the menu icons at the top of the screen.

    You can chat to your teammates using a “walkie-talkie” via the chat window. Send private messages or group messages.

    Step 3: Enter Round Decisions

    When you’re ready to advance to the next Round, each team member enters his/her OWN decisions on the “Decide” screen.

    Decision choices will vary by role.

    The Round will advance once the Leader chooses “Advance to the Next Day”


    Step 4: Review Round Info, and Repeat Steps 2 & 3


    When you advance to the next day, you’ll be automatically brought to the Round Information screen.

    Read this information carefully in each Round.

    Then repeat Steps 2 and 3.


    Surveys: Round 3 and Round 6

    Your instructor may enable surveys to appear in Rounds 3 and 6.

    If you encounter the survey, answer the questions individually rather than discussing with your team.


    You have six days (one round per day) to reach the summit.

    Everyone has role-specific decisions to make and everyone submits decisions each Round.

    If someone’s health fails, he/she will be rescued.

    If rescued, the individual will be brought back to Base Camp, but he/she can still communicate via “walkie-talkies” (chat) in order to continue to assist the team.

    Be sure to review Round Information each round.

    Good luck on your adventure!

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