Writing Assignment 2: Qualitative Study Critique

    Use the rubric provided to analyze the research article. Write a paper in narrative form that discusses the article. Follow the headings found in the template for the assignment. Do not write the questions. Your sentences should reflect the part of the analysis you are discussing. In the provided 7th edition APA template, the writing prompts are there to help you. As you write, answer the questions in the table.
    The paper should be narrative meaning it is to be written in paragraph form. Grammar and spelling are important. The instructor will provide an article for you to critique.
    Your paper should be written in APA style, using headings for each Section. Headings are leveled in APA format and must be correct. The provided template already has the headings for you. Write in complete sentences and support your thoughts with resources. Paragraphs are 3-5 sentences in length. A new paragraph is used for each new thought. A good paragraph contains an introduction sentence and a conclusion sentence. Use appropriate flow of words, grammar and punctuation.
    A cover page and reference list in APA format should be used. The template has the newest way to write different types of references, so follow the 7th edition guidelines.
    Excellent grammar, spelling and APA format are required.
    Independent stand alone quotes are not permitted.
    The paper will be checked for plagiarism. Please review the plagiarism report before turning in the paper. Your plagiarism check should be 10% or less similarity index.

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