Write an article summary on a peer reviewed journal with the topic of criminology.

              The article summaries provide students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with various areas of criminal justice.Each student will be required to find, read, and summarize one article for each of the seven assigned criminal justice topics listed below.  The articles must be from peer-reviewed journals (do not include student-run journals).  Students are expected to locate articles on their own.Make sure the articles are criminal-justice-related.Students will also include a reference page and include the reference for the article in APA format(6thor 7thedition). The recommended due date for each summary submission is included in the course schedule. But I will accept submissions after those deadlines and grade them on a rolling basis (after the recommended deadlines). I will not administer late penalties for those who submit after those deadlines. Please keep in mind, if you meet the recommended deadlines, you’ll have more time to incorporate my feedback in subsequent assignments (after I post the grades). The final deadline to submit the article summaries is December 11 at 11:59p.
        The summary should include:
    oPurpose of the article
    oSummary of main points
    oExplain why the topic is important and/or useful in criminal justice (if you do not think the topic is important/useful explain why not). Include support from the article
    oSuggestions for future research
    Make sure you address each of the above components clearly and directly, as this is an important part of academic writing (rather than subtextor inference). Do not quote any of the material from the source. The entire summaryshould be written in your own words.
              Format: Word Document (doc or docx)Each page in your document should be standard, letter size (8.5×11)APA stylePage numbersAPA reference on reference pageOne-to-two pages (no more, no less)
    2Double-spaced (Make sure the paragraph spacing is set to 0pt before and afterall the paragraphs in the document)Black fontTimes New Roman12-point font1-inch marginsRunning headLeft-aligned paragraphs with a 0.5 indentation in the first line of each paragraphDo not include any listsDo not include any headers/subheadersDo not include any quotes

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