Need read chapter 11 of the book.

    For this exercise we will be referring to Positive Institutions. One institution that most will be a part of at some time during a lifetime is Work. In fact, many will spend more time working than engaging in many other activities.  Your textbook lists the institutional-level virtues to include purpose, safety, fairness, humanity, and dignity. After completing all of the readings and video, your task is to reflect on your role in an Institution you are part of (this is a modification of the exercise in your textbook on pages 301-302).

    Reflect and pick from one of the three following topics:  1. The institution I work for is fulfilling and practices the institutional-level virtues (listed above),  or 2. What can I do to make the institution a better place, and more engaging,  or 3. Leadership in this institution follows or practices the principles of positive psychology  (or not).

    Comment on which topic you chose and describe the factors that contributed to your decision. How does this institution (or your role within in it) contribute to your sense of subjective well-being, ability to utilize your strengths, provide meaning, and overall happiness? Are there changes that you see as possible (either in yourself or in the institution)?  Make sure to connect with the concepts from the learning materials.

    Your submission should be between 300-500 words.  Please keep in mind, proper writing is expected (new paragraphs, punctuation, no abbreviations or text speak,” clearly edited, free of grammar mistakes or misspellings, and APA cited if appropriate/necessary). Outline or bulleted formats are not acceptable.

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