Working with the Elements of Rhetorical Analysis

    Our experience in society is dominated by visual texts, from television commercials to
    memes, to music videos. These texts attempt to shape our worldview via the rhetorical
    approached they employ, and in turn we are constantly faced with the dilemma of
    interpreting this influence.
    For this weeks homework you will be tasked with identifying and analyzing a piece of
    visual media (the genre is up to you) and the different rhetorical elements utilized within.
    In a document, include a link and/or image of the text you are working with, a thesis
    statement that puts forth your argument, and identify and include a brief discussion of
    the following rhetorical elements:
    1. The rhetorical situation
    2. The overall argument
    3. At least two claims
    4. Evidence the supports those claims
    5. At least two rhetorical strategies, including an analysis of how they are functioning
    6. Any appeals working within the text
    7. Any assumptions the text makes
    Responses may be as brief or as detailed as you like, but please make sure that they
    are thorough and thoughtful enough to sufficiently cover each point.
    The work you complete here is eligible to serve as a jumping off point for your Unit 1
    Project, should you feel inclined.

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