work ethics

    Assignment Instructions

    For this individual assignment, you will be assessed based on demonstrated evidence that you have read the lesson commentary, completed all reading assignments, viewed any video assigned  and competed any activity assigned. Furthermore, you will be assessed based on demonstrated evidence that you can synthesize lesson content, provide insights, draw conclusions and apply what you are learning in a cogently written manner. Briefly discuss the questions below (i.e., key takeaways):

    Describe some of the common ethical problems encountered in the workplace;
    Identify techniques that will help you deal effectively with these issues; and
    Discuss your views on what the role of HR should be relative to facilitating the reporting of employee misconduct within an organization.
    Discuss in detail the following questions. You will be assessed based on demonstrated ability to self-reflect and self-examine.

    What did your learn about yourself from this lesson?
    What’s important about what you learned?
    What are you going to do with what you learned? Please be specific and avoid providing a generic response.
    Your essay for this assignment is to be in the 750 – 1,000 word range. You are expected to demonstrate scholarship including providing a reference section, and where appropriate, in-text citations in accordance with the APA  formatting and style guide.

    reading assignments:
    Chapter 4: Addressing Individuals Common Ethical Problems

    Additional Resources
    DeSteno, D. (2014). Managing Yourself: Who Can you Trust? Before putting faith in others, consider these four principles. Harvard Business Review.

    video assigned:
    Webinar and TED Talk

    An Innovative Approach to Values-Driven Leadership by Dr. Mary C. Gentile
    Why good leaders make you feel safe with Simon Sinek.

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