What does Husserls method of phenomenology illuminate concerning the nature of the human situation?

    Needs to explain Husserl’s method before going into its value.  Avoid discussion of work outside of Philosophy (Psychology, psychiatry, Medicine, etc.) claiming knowledge of ‘phenomenology.’  At the least, verify a correct understanding of Husserl is present.  In general, I would recommend avoiding discussing material from ‘social scientists’ who are not philosophers. you want proper quotations and paraphrases, and you want to work on displaying your knowledge of Philosophy.  That means dealing with the history of Philosophy, but it also means having a feel for what philosophical discourse is and what it expects. The paper main-topic asks you to discuss the value of insights developing from Husserl.  I would try to focus on, what you personally find valuable.  Of course, what you find valuable, can be prompted by what you read elsewhere as discussing implications of Husserl.  So, all things being equal, you ought to pursue the ‘implications’ of Husserl discussed in the assigned reading, as tied to what Husserl illustrates for us.  However, you may have some more definite idea, even something quite different than what is discussed as the implications of Husserl.  Nonetheless, I would advise staying away from anything to do with Husserl and ‘the body,’ as although many academics are excited about this topic, I have seen no evidence students at this level can hack that.  Likewise, to try to base your account of the philosopher, Edmund Husserl, primarily on writings from outside Philosophy, does not make sense, particularly if a truly philosophic approach is not taken an instead the focus is with something practical, like Medicine.  It can be good to use secondary sources to get ideas about what is valuable with Husserl, but take care in selecting sources appropriate for the course. Make sure you have a strong thesis statement.  Place your thesis statement in the first paragraph of your paper.  I advise, making it the first sentence.  Use ‘and,’ commands and semi-colons, etc., to fit all the thesis ideas into one, grammatical-sentence. Make sure your paper is organised around the thesis-statement. Work on displaying your knowledge of Philosophy

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