What are the main characteristics of the Demand and Supply of Amazon??

    The structure follows the sections of a short paper and contains the following distinguishable sections: Abstract, Introduction, Argument and Analysis of Evidence, Conclusion, References and Tables and Figures. Your paper MUST include ONLY these six sections, do not add other sections with other titles.
    The paper should be no more than 2 pages (single spaced, Times New Roman, font 12) from the Introduction to the Conclusion. These two pages do not include the pages for the title, abstract, references and tables/figures.
    1) Abstract:
    In a paragraph explain the argument of the paper, its logic and the concepts that are illustrated in it.
    2) Introduction:
    The introduction should be just one paragraph long. It should set the relevance of the topic and finish with the main question you want to answer. The introduction must end with the research question paper in explicit question format.
    3) Argument and Analysis of Evidence:
    The microeconomic analysis section should be the longest in the paper and it is the most important in terms of learning objectives.  Do not include tables and figures here, those should be placed in the F section. In this section you should present the theoretical elements applied to your firm or industry and the evidence (quantitative and qualitative) that supports your arguments.
    For a Demand-Supply paper make sure you apply key terms and concepts related to quantity demanded, shifts of demand, elasticity, marginal analysis, preferences of consumers, supply, shifts of supply, production process, cost structure, market equilibrium, consumer and producer surpluses.
    4) Conclusion:
    This is the section that shows your deep understanding of your case and must be directly related to the research questions in the introduction. The conclusion should be just one paragraph long and must answer the research question explicitly. You can also expand on the implications of your answer and predict something about the future.
    5) References:
    Include all references used in the paper.
    6) Tables and Figures:
    All visuals and tables are placed in this section.
    APA Style:
    We will use thespecific APA style used by the Journal of Research on Innovation Teaching (JRIT),a journal supported by National University. Every peer reviewed journal ineconomics, business, management and social sciences requires contributors tocomply to their specific APA formats for accepting an article for review. So, Idecided that you will use the JRIT instructions to write your paper. Thecomplete details of it are in a separate document entitled APA-Style-JRIT in Course Resources. Use this JRIT APA style format and style fortitles, subtitles, tables, figures, paragraphs, font size, references,footnotes, all sections including the abstract. This document follows the JRITAPA format.

    The resource you should use:
    Amazon.com, Inc.: Passage, R. A., et al. (2010). Amazon.com, Inc. In T. Grant (Ed.). International Directory of Company Histories (Vol. 113, pp. 10-14). Available from Gale Virtual Reference Library.
    Hachette: Hachette. (1991). In A. Hast (Ed.). International Directory of Company Histories (Vol. 4, pp. 617-619). Available from Gale Virtual Reference Library. [note age of article… pre-online initiatives]

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