Weekly Assignment 7

    An influencer is someone who has built forth an audience, naturally and over time, and is viewed as an authority figure on a certain subject, area, or perspective in the online space. In addition, influencers have the presence and trust in their community to persuade audiences to take a specific action based on what they share. These individuals bring forth unique experiences, perspectives, and brand voices to the table, which makes it difficult to categorize each influencer in a consistent way.

    For this assignment, you are asked to create a report on the top influencers (Please pick at least 2 influencers) for an established brand (airline, hotel, cruise etc) in the hospitality industry (Your client).

    In your assignment, you will need to provide each of the following:

    Current influencer marketing status. Provide an overview of the influencer relationship status (has the client done an influencer marketing plan before? What has worked and not worked in the past?).
    Opportunities and challenges with influencer marketing. What are some of the challenges facing brands with influencers? What are some of the opportunities?
    Goal and focus for influencer marketing. Why is it important to create this partnership? How does this tie to business, communication, and marketing objectives?
    (Min 280 words)

    (Please note that this assignment is connected with this week’s short quiz)

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