Week 4: Practicum Activity 4

    Sponsor:  Usually a little more detail is required around the authorization…example…”I was authorized access to ____ data by my sponsor who has asked to be confidential, however, he/she is at the ___ level of management with both access to the data and would be authorized to allow me this access.  I would like to thank my sponsor for this opportunity.”

    Aim of Study:
    Later you get into scoping your objective, but on the purpose slide — your purpose should be narrower that “problems facing Walmart” and you could say right here — Problems with the Kronos Scheduling System at Walmart.

    Normalize feedback and tell how…employee survey?  NPS (Net Promotor Score) or Likert or?
    system “should be programmed” — that is not a measurement…maybe say something like, IT tickets % complete to be 95% or greater to have the program updated to the full current roster” (you need something measure-able).

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