Week 2 Forum

    Read the brief article, Natural Disasters and Public Health (Links to an external site.). The following two quotes are highlighted in the article:

    The biggest problem of most disasters is not the direct deaths that occur. Most disasters in the U.S. are chronic disease emergencies. David Eisenman
    But the reality is that socioeconomic conditions profoundly influence the outcomes following a disaster. – J. Brian Houston
    These quotes are certainly applicable to our current scenario with COVID-19. Based on this article and your reading and videos, select one of the above quotes and discuss it. Be sure to reference your text at least once in your initial post (it can be from any chapter).

    Start your own thread by posting a 500-word reply to this question.

    Article: https://www.embs.org/pulse/articles/natural-disasters-and-public-health/

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