week 2

    Paper instructions: Please read through the attachments & complete the assignment according to the “Assignment Expectations (Use the attached module 2 SLP Assignment to formulate a 3 page paper). Each submission should include: For the SLP this session, you will be taking a close look at a company of your choice: Lockheed Martin which is a publicly traded companies and one of the major stock market exchanges. This is a continuation from Module 1, continue to do research on the company you chose to write about for your Module 1 SLP (LockheedMartin). This time you will be doing research about the valuation of the company to try to determine if its stock price is overvalued or undervalued. You can use Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, or similar Web pages to find the financial information about this company.  

    Write a 3-page paper discussing the following questions on the SLP assignment attachment (Questions 1-3). Present your answers to the problems in a Word document. Have an Intro (2-3 sentences), Conclusion (2-3 sentences wrapping up the problems discussion with an overview), in-text citations and References. Please also show clearly in the written report the Module 2- SLP Assignment being answered directly & precisely according to the directions provided.

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