Paper instructions: Please read through the attachments & complete the assignment according to the “Assignment Expectations” (Use the attached module2 Case Assignment to formulate a 4 page paper; 3 Word, 1 Excel). Each submission should include per the Case Assignment Overview: For this Assignment, make sure to first carefully review all the required background material readings. It will require you to use the various discounted cash flow methods and dividend models to make computations. In addition to knowing the computational steps involved in stock and bond valuation, make sure you also understand the basic concepts. Case Assignment instructions: Present your answers to the problem below in a Word document, and also upload an Excel file with your computations. Excel is required for Questions 1,2,3, and 4. You are required to show your steps for all quantitative problems. Have an Intro (2-3 sentences), Conclusion (2-3 sentences wrapping up the problems discussion with an overview), in-text citations and References. Please also show clearly in the written report the Module 2- Case Assignment being answered directly & precisely according to the directions provided.

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