website proposal

    I need a website proposal for a website that is designed to collect materials for charity and then direct it to a right place. the donations can be monetary or anything. it should have 5-6(the website) pages and we need to describe each page along with the features of the website. the question is as follows
    Your group is to submit by next class a proposal for Web site development project.
    Your proposal will be for the development of a Web site for a company, either fictitious or real, but cannot be based on an existing Web site. Yours should be a totally new site. Your site, should include a number of pages containing the information of interest by customers of the business, and of course pages through which to conduct business transactions (or the equivalent in a non-commercial site). Some of the types of pages that your site will contain for example might be..history, mission statement, directors (yourselves?), products, catalogue, sale items etc, order form, membership form entry, password access to membership details… etc..
    The proposal should be approximately 2 pages, indicating the name of the business, the types of products it sells, a proposed structure of the site, and a database connectivity plan (ie… where a database will be utilized within the Web site), and any other details you deem relevent. Later in the subject we will be adding database interactivity into your web-site, so you should keep this in mind when developing your proposal, as you can include on-line catalogues, on-line purchasing forms and other such eBusiness type activities.
    I like to leave the type of project up to you… so as to make it interesting for you…. but while you choose your project.. bear the following in mind.
    After the proposal you get to me by the end of the first week…. there are 4 other stages that are assessed.

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