Wage calculator

    Visual Studio program that Calculate pay button so it calculates Rate based on Level then calculates total pay which is Rate * Hours. Using the variable values and concatenating text display a message in a message box like the following:
    Hello Bill your total pay on 02/27/18 is $450 (10 Points)

    Level 1 – $10
    Level 2 – $12
    Level 3 – $15
    Level 4 – $18
    Level 5 – $20

    Try Catch Block – Use a try catch block so your program does not crash if the user gives you incorrect information. (10 Points)

    Catching Errors Use TryParse with Loops (20 Points)

    Verify that the Date field is a valid date
    Verify that the Name field is not empty
    Verify that Level is an integer between 1 and 5
    Verify that Hours worked is an integer between 0 and 100

    Input-Boxes Use input boxes to prompt the user if they entered wrong information to get the correct information.

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