Visual Perception and Cognition

    Design an experiment to test a question that you have about some aspect of visual cognition. Great experiments often begin with general questions about a topic e.g. “I wonder whether this type of visual processing can occur without awareness?, or I wonder whether some additional factor might influence figure-ground assignment/ object recognition/ the perception of causality/ face recognition/ aesthetic preferences/ etc.
    paper should have 4 main sections (please delineate these with section headings, and dont be shy about subdividing these into further subsections with their own subheadings!): (1) A section motivating the question that you are asking, and why it is potentially interesting and important to everyone; (2) A review of previous theories and experimental research on such questions from the relevant literature (both what we have discussed in class, and perhaps also what you have found on your own); (3) A detailed description of the methods you propose using to test your question (these needn’t be as detailed as a journal article, but should clearly describe the experimental design, the subjects’ task, and the type of data which will be collected); and (4) A discussion of each possible pattern of results, and what theoretical implications it would have.  The paper should be 8-10 double spaced pages, plus references.  To keep your readers entertained and engaged with your ideas, try to write clearly and with flair, and to avoid typos and formatting inconsistencies wherever possible.

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