Virtual Module Virtual City or County Council

    Virtual City or County Council Assignment
    Research local governmental meetings including, school board, city council, or other municipal (forest,
    library, College of DuPage, etc.) gatherings as well as political events that have the primary purpose of
    informing voters–debates, town hall meetings, rallies, etc.
    Determine which type of governmental meeting best suits your personality and your schedule.
    Find the local governmental meeting online. (School district website, village hall website, etc.)
    Attend the meeting for two hours: take notes on what was said/done
    Reflect on your experience by answering the required questions (see below list).
    Turn in the reflection by the appropriate due date to Canvas.
    Include the URL of Meeting

    Self-Reflection Questions to Answer in at least 19 lines or more
    What meeting did you go to?
    When did you go to the meeting?
    Where was the meeting held? (In what location? In what town?)
    Why would a nurse need to attend a city council meeting? (At least 4 lines)
    What happened at the meeting? Be specific about what was discussed and who was discussing
    it. (At least 4 lines)
    What did you learn about your community from your attendance at this meeting? (At least 4
    What vulnerable population issues or social determinants of health issues were discussed? (At
    least 4 lines) If not discussed what vulnerable population would you want this meeting to
    address and why? (provide citations/references to support your points)
    What did you learn about yourself from your attendance at this meeting? (At least 4 lines)
    What impact did your attendance at this meeting have on your interests regarding politics
    or organizations? (At least 4 lines)

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