Virtual events Platform

    I work in event management for a digital/telecom company in Saudi Arabia- Middle east and i want to sell an idea to my management (elevator pitch) to create our own event virtual platform to be used internally and for SAAS to generate revenues.

    I have attached the main idea; however, I will need you to reorganize it and add some statistics and supporting information base don research. slides to be in the following order:

    1. Executive Summary

    2. Concept

    2. Competitor analysis (analysis for 5 competitors preferred to be based in the middle east) in terms of costs, features, ..etc.

    3. Impact analysis:
    Market analysis (what the impact of this platform on the company: generate revenues, all group can benefit from it, digitizing events, ROI, can be sold as SaaS, advertisements…etc.

    4. Challenges and Risks

    5. SWOT analysis

    6. Financial projections and cost – statistics (revenues, users,…etc)

    7. General guidelines: Business Impact, feasibility, Novelty, Application, Commitment.


    Please use the power point template attached, and include only essential info and try to be persuasive.

    Please use only short sentences, not a lot of wording in one slide.

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