Veganism vs. Omnivores

    “Read Consider the Lobster to analyze how the author maneuvers around attitudes towards consuming meats. That he does so before an audience of Gourmet, an audience that may not wish to address the issue, represents quite an audacious move. He writes that he is genuinely confused about what his position ought to be.

    The essay should argue a particular position about the attached reading, and the essay should clearly state a thesis very early in the essay, but the essay should also consider other points of view. If you need to win the argument, should you also at least appear to reasonably consider the opponent?”

    – Essay does not need any sources. If sources are used to back up your argument, please provide them in MLA. You can include your personal opinion, but please try and lean toward the omnivore position if possible because I would like to include my own opinion as well.


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