Using Media to Advocate and Influence

    The media is a powerful tool in health promotion. In order to effectively influence your target population, you will need audience-specific resources. For instance, Media advocacy is used when targeting policymakers, while social marketing is used to influence particular groups or individuals behaviors.

    1. Identify the steps you would take when designing a social media campaign (provide 5-6 steps and use bold headings to clearly identify each step.)

    2. Describe each step you identified and its importance when designing a media campaign

    3. Identify which of the Responsibilities and Competencies of a health educator a media campaign would address.

    4.Identify ethical responsibilities in creating a social media campaign and explain the importance of ethics with regard to a social media campaign.

    5. Describe at least 3 different budget strategies a health educator could use when implementing a health communication plan.

    Length:  2-3 pages (excluding the cover page and the reference list).

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