Using market Research for Product Development

    – Review your annotated bibliography.

    – Define a problem statement that, in your opinion, would be useful and practical for you to investigate, based on the information presented in your annotated bibliography sources (and others if needed).

    – Organize your sources by sorting and classifying their findings in a meaningful way, always considering your original topic and problem.

    -Write a literature review that would seem to offer the greatest potential for developing a good theoretical framework, using 7 to 10 references. All of these can be from your annotated bibliography, or you can use others in addition to those in your annotated bibliography.

    -Generate a set of testable hypotheses based on your research question and the theoretical framework.


    In this section, give a clear and concise statement of the problem. Briefly indicate why it is a problem, why you selected it, and why it is important to solve the problem. Use references as necessary to support your arguments.

    Literature Review

    This should be one of the longer sections in your report. It should summarize other work related to the problem you identified. It should identify important variables and document significant findings from earlier research.

    Research Question

    This should be a brief section with a clear and concise statement of your question. It should be clear to the reader that your question is a logical outgrowth of previous research as summarized in your literature review.

    Theoretical Framework

    This section applies to deductive research. It should be one of the longer sections in your report.


    This brief section should contain a clear and concise statement of your hypothesis or hypotheses. The hypotheses should be a logical outgrowth of the theoretical framework.


    Your report must contain a reference section that includes all sources in your paper. References must be in APA format.

    Please proceed to the Example Outline section.

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