Urbanism Movements: New Urbanism vs. Everyday Urbanism

    1. Watch this lecture video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6kO09bIq34&feature=emb_title

    2. Read the three articles uploaded as the additional materials.

    3. Write an reflective essay (at least 600 words)
        – Presentation of thesis/position,reflection and conculusion of urbanism movement — New Urbanism vs. Everyday Urbanism (based on the assigned readings).
        –  This essay should include reference to at least one urbanist from the article CityLab University: The Whos Who of Urbanism by Benjamin Schneider and the author(s) — you can find this reading in additional materials.
        – This essay should include the following parts based on New Urbanism vs. Everyday Urbanism: 1. Main themes, 2. Theories and authors of the movement;3. Primary projects from the Movement ( New Urbanism vs. Everyday Urbanism); 3. Current status of New Urbanism vs. Everyday Urbanism movement / criticisms; and 4. Personal reflection/opinion of New Urbanism vs. Everyday Urbanism movement.

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