there are two discussion board questions. References in apa 7 for this one.
    #1- must be 150 words total-word count
    Can our goal of maximizing the value of the stock conflict with other goals, such as avoiding unethical or illegal behavior? In particular, do you think subjects like customer and employee safety, the environment, and the general good of society fit in this framework, or are they essentially ignored? Think of some specific scenarios to illustrate your answer.

    #2- no min or max for word count just answer questions in paragraph format (no references for this one)
    – What, if any, are the differences between the management accounting information needed in manufacturing organizations and that needed in service organizations?

    -What forces have caused management accounting systems designed decades ago to become less relevant and less valuable for organizational employees in today’s globally competitive environment?

    -How can beliefs systems and boundary systems foster high ethical standards among employees?

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