Research Paper on Interest Groups

    Please select one of the following topics found on the list below concerning interest groups and the issues they represent.  You can review what interest groups do by referring to Chapter 11 in your textbook.

    For instance, if you happen to choose gay rights, you have to research at least one interest group that supports  gay rights (e.g. National Gay & Lesbian Task Force) and at least one interest group that opposes anti gay rights (e.g. Traditional Values Coalition).

    You must then research the websites of the interest groups representing the issue you have selected to write about.  The interest groups you select must be from the United States.

    In your paper you must answer/summarize the following:

    1.  Define what an interest group is.

    2.  What is your opinion on the issue you chose to research? (no more than two paragraphs should be devoted to this section)

    3.  Summarize the information you find in the websites of the interest groups you selected to research.  What does each interest group have to say about the issues they are representing?

    4.  How do the interest groups  you are researching embed themselves into politics?  Do they endorse      candidates?  Do they provide campaign funds?

    5.  What do the two sides say about the groups that oppose their views?

    6.  What incentives do these interest groups offer people?  Are they trying to recruit people to join their interest groups?  Do they ask for donations?  Be specific.

    Issues can include the following:


    Affirmative Action

    Campaign/Political Reform




    Euthanasia (Right to Die)

    Gay Rights

    Gun Control

    Health Care




    Social Security


    Women’s Issues

    Things to Include in Your Paper:

    1)  Use MLA formatting while writing your paper.

    2) Introduction that states the purpose of the paper and an overview of what it is about.

    3) Detailed responses to the questions.  This will mean youll have to find outside research to help answer the questions. Reputable sources means good, solid academic sources.  I would suggest that you utilize the Northwest Vista College library.  About.com, ProCon.org, and Wikipedia are not solid academic sources. Even though I’m asking for your opinion at the beginning of the paper, please do not let that dominate your paper.  I want to know what the groups are offering regarding information.

    4) Conclusion to summarize the paper.

    5) Include a cover page.

    6) Include a reference page.

    7) Include at least 4 references (one for each website of the interest groups your are researching, at least one to describe the issue, and at least one to describe what an interest group does)

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