U.S. History

    Prompt: Did the United States win or lose the Korean War? Explain the outcome of this event.

    Provide a three (3) page essay. Please note your, essay needs to provide a clear thesis statement and supporting evidence. Your essay needs to be argumentative in nature. Please cite your sources accordingly in support of the evidence provided.

    The final needs to follow the following writing guidelines, failure to meet any of these will result in point deductions.

        Needs to be MLA format
        12 font
        Times New Roman
        Include a cover and works cited page
        Minimum four (4) sources, our textbook included
        Cite in the following format: Authors last name, and page number (Roark, 221)
        Limit to three “quoted sentences.” A quoted sentence, for our class, is composed of two to three quoted sentences. For the remaining cited sources, please paraphrase.
        Underline your thesis

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