U.S. full service airlines

    Please answer the following questions in a well-integrated 2 page essay using 8 scholarly references
    Deal with these issues in an integrated fashion, not as a series of individual questions.

    Case:  Wirtz, J., & Heracleous, L. (2012). Singapore Airlines: Managing human resources for cost-effective service excellence. Retrieved from http://docplayer.net/2716897-Singapore-airlines-managing-human-resources-for-cost-effective-service-excellence.html
    Please answer the following questions in a well-integrated essay:
    1.    Why do you think U.S. full-service airlines are largely undifferentiated, low-quality providers? What are the reasons that none of the full-service airlines positioned itself and delivers as a high service quality provider?
    2.    How might people feel if they are working in a culture that focuses so intensely on customers, but cuts costs to the bone internally?
    3.    View: http://youtu.be/fNEJrd6GkSY (Across the World with the Singapore Girl) and http://youtu.be/P5sGKR6NJBw (Singapore Airlines SQ Girl), and discuss your perceptions of these videos from an HRM standpoint.

    Across the World with the Singapore Girl. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/fNEJrd6GkSY.

    Singapore Airlines SQ Girl. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/P5sGKR6NJBw.

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