Trauma Nurse

    I am going to school to become a nurse and the field I want to specialize In is trauma. Many of you are taking this course because you are interested in a career in the health sciences. Maybe you already know what you want to do or maybe you are deciding between a couple of different options. For your information literacy project this semester you have the opportunity to do some research on a health-related career.
    1. Choose a health-related career- this can be your career goal or another career you are interested in learning about
    2. Research the career Things to focus on: What are the job duties? Are there multiple opportunities?
                                                              What are the education requirements? Are there special certifications needed?
                                                              What is the job outlook? is it a growing career field, decreasing the career field?
    3. Applications to this course- How does the knowledge learn in Anatomy and Physiology prepare someone for this career. Explain why taking this course is important for the particular job field
    Formatting and report guidelines:
    1. Title page Should include the Title of your report- Students name- Course Name- Semester- Instructor Date submitted (10 points)
    2. Introduction- What is the career you are writing about and why did you choose to write about it (10 points)
    3. Body of report- Here is where you present all of your research. Use the questions above to help you. (30 points)
    4. Applications- Explain how it applies to Anatomy and Physiology (20 points)
    5. Conclusion- What have you learned from writing this paper? How will it help you reach your career goals? (10 points)
    6. References- You must use at least 3 references and cite them using proper APA style. This means citing within your paper and including a separate references page (10 points)
    7. Composition and writing- Report must be written in the students own words using college-level grammar. (10 points)
    The report should be at least four pages Page one title page pages 2 and 3 written report and page 4 references.
    The report should be typed and double-spaced.

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