In this second report, each team develops future mobility/transportation options for 2030 and 2050 of the city that you chose in the first report.
    1. Future Transportation: To bring in the futurist element, the team shall review news articles and futurist literature to identify promising future emerging mobility options. Vehicle options have not changed much in the past 100 years (e.g., bus, rail, car, scooter, bike): will there be new modes, reintroduced modes (e.g., moving walkways, monorail) or will modes of the future just be variations of what we have now with enhanced technology, unique service offerings, different design, improved safety or special infrastructure? Each team member should investigate future transportation technologies and identify two mobility technologies/options that could be adopted for your city.
    2. Goals and Objectives: Assume and describe basic community/city values. Based on these values, prepare a set of broad goals of your city for the years of 2030 and 2050, to enhance and address transportation problems that you identified.
    3. Transportation Solutions: For one of your defined transportation problems from first report, develop 1 transportation technology that have potential to address the defined problem. the alternative must address the identified problems from an infrastructure perspective or an operations perspective. The description should include a full description of the alternative, including relevant system characteristics.The alternative must be consistent with the values, goals, objectives, and defined problems for this city.
    font 12, Times New Roman, Line spacing 1.15) including Figures and Tables.
    I have first report attached for your reference because you will need to see the transportation problems here. The city is Frisco Texas. I need to see how you do, so if you can send me to review first page whenever you finish, it would be. good

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