The presentation is expected to provide the student with additional knowledge of a specific topic of interest in the area of Human Sexuality.  It is expected that a PowerPoint presentation be prepared following the format listed below.
    A minimum of 14 slides (Minimum = C)
    A cover slide (#1) with name, topic, course name and date
    An introductory slide (#2) listing clear expectations that you had when undertaking this research.  It should include a synopsis of the topic being covered.
    Slides #3-11 actually contain key points, any important links to information relative to the subject and any citations of quoted work.
    Slides 12 and 13 = Summary.  List what you learned from your research and discuss whether the findings met your initial expectations.
    Slide #14  contains the Bibliography – 5 sources (not Wikipedia—use academic sources such as a professional journal)

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