Training and Development

    Research an organization that is currently (or was previously) challenged in training and development and, assuming the role of a consultant, create/develop a strategy to address the challenges. You could, for instance, propose a new evaluation system, develop a revised training and development program, or devise an innovative compensation philosophy and program. The key is to identify an organization that is or has experienced a challenge in one of these three areas and create or rebuild that current program.

    The Capstone Project is intended to showcase your knowledge of a specific subject within human resources and then apply that knowledge to address a current and relevant issue. The Project will be an APA-format paper with a minimum of six citations. The project should incorporate the following components within the 8-10 page paper:

    Section 1: Executive Summary

    This may be the most important section of a paper as it is undoubtedly the one section every executive will read. In the Executive Summary, summarize the problem associated with your study and detail your proposed solution or resolution.

    Section 2: Background 

    Provide a brief background of the organization. Additionally, sketch the broad outline of the problems affecting the organization that necessitated your involvement, including the cultural or managerial challenges that may have led to this issue.

    Section 3: Function Overview 

    Provide a brief overview of the core function you have selected. This section is intended to convey the importance of this function to the organization, and how this well developed and effective core function enhances the organization’s performance. As one example, you could detail the role of performance evaluations in relation to employee performance and the components of an effective performance program.

    Section 4: Program Revision 
    Based on the information presented in Sections 2 and 3, develop a strategy to address the challenges in the organization. This is the section where you showcase your knowledge and understanding of human resource programs, and then apply your knowledge to recreate the program to raise its effectiveness and better address the changing realities of todays marketplace.

    Section 5: Implementation 

    Discuss the implementation strategy related to the specific recommendations. Address any barriers the organization and its employees may deploy to resist this substantive change to their operations. The organizations culture and the ability of management to implement these changes should be addressed as well.

    Section 6: Contingency Plan 

    Propose a contingency plan to consider if your proposed recommendation is unsuccessful.  As an example, your contingency plan may involve more draconian strategies, reductions in certain budgets, terminating or hiring employees, etc.  Be clear about what where your recommendations may fall short and what the organization should do if that occurs.

    Clarity of expression is crucial. Good business papers are carefully written and revised. They use the English language correctly. Do not forget to proofread your paper first. Poor writing may very well lead to questionable credibility. Do n0t let others get the wrong idea about you just because of an error or two. Professionalism, grammar, and spelling are also criteria for grading, including proper APA format for all sources used. Include headings in the work to identify each area discussed.

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