Toursim Policy

    Instructions: This exam is individual to each student. You have until 11:59pm on the 20th of June to complete the task. You should write at least 800 words on each of the three topics you choose and include illustrations as possible.

    TOPICS (choose any three):

    1.    Discuss the impact of consumerism on the growth of tourism. Can it be controlled?

    2.    Outline the basic approach to Community Based Tourism, showing how this may increase the ability of communities to control tourism development.

    3.    Outline the structure of tourism policy making. What are the main sources of these policies at the international, national, and local levels?

    4.    What are the main objectives of the Japanese national policy framework on tourism from 2007 as shown in The Tourism Nation Basic Law?

    5.    Outline how the CoVID19 pandemic has affected tourism and comment on how the industry is likely to change once the pandemic has been contained. Will it recover?

    6.     Describe an example of CBT that you are familiar with. What were the main outcomes of this project?

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