Tourism policy in the Covid-19 era (in Dubai )

    Tourism policy in the Covid-19 era: Drawing on relevant theories and frameworks, as well as recent articles, discuss the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the tourism industry, and assess whether a tourism destination should proactively impose preventive measures to stop the potential outbreak of pandemics.

    2.    Guidance on approaching the topic:

    In developing the topic, the student should consider doing the following:

    a.    Review the pertinent literature and summarize, in no more than 800 words, the impacts of Covid-19 on the tourism industry. The summary should be supported by relevant tourism statistical figures. Students may want to draw information from such sources as SETE, UNWTO, WTTC, etc., among others.
    b.    Based on various theories and frameworks on tourism planning and development, discuss whether tourism policy should be connected to the health and hygiene policy in a destination, including benefits and drawbacks of such a connection.
    c.    What is the role of tourism stakeholders in implementing the tourism and health policy? How are they affected in the short and in the long-term?
    Should a destination proactively use preventive measures, in order to stop a potential epidemic/pandemic outbreak? In order to answer this question the student needs to choose a tourism destination that imposed measures to protect itself from the Covid-19 pandemic and assess their effectiveness as well as the impacts these measures brought on the destinations tourism and economic development. Students may want to support their arguments with such aspects as number of arrivals per mode of travel or per political alliance, change of GDP and balance of payments, job creation and unemployment rates, per capita tourism expenditure, etc

    These are the instructions you need to follow to write the essay correctly & please take notice that your location is Dubai.

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