TOpics in Film Study

    lienating Machines:  Consider the feeding machine scene in Chaplins Modern Times.  What does it seem to say about machines in general and machines in the service of eating in particular? Think about the relevant Wallace and Gromit shorts from Cracking Contraptions and, if you like, the scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  What are the apparent motives behind trying to invent cooking or feeding machines?  Why might there be a pattern of showing mechanization at odds with cooking and eating?  What does this pattern say about the theme of man versus machine when it comes to food?Alienating Cuisines:  Consider the scenes selected from eitherThe I Love Lucy episode Paris at Last and Pretty Woman, OR Giant and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  How is the act of eating (or not eating) from foreign foodways presented in the pair of examples you choose?  How does it reflect on the characters for whom the food is foreign?  What does it suggest about the characters if they can comfortably eat strange new food?  Or cant?  Or dont?  Or faint at the sight of it?  In what ways do the two scenes you choose parallel what do those parallels suggest? 

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