Theory of Design

    Answer the following question:
    Please    explain    metaphor    and    its    types;    then    elaborate    on    the    idea    of    use    of    metaphors    in    design    process.    Comment    on    the    advantages    and    disadvantages    of    utilizing    them    in    the    process    of    designing.    You    may    epitomize    the    works    of    well-known    designers    as    well    as    your    own    experience    to    enhance    the    discussion.

    I have attached class notes. Please use at least 3 or more references in the essay. Include in text citations with last name of author and page number. The format should be APA. You should explain everything you write but also have critical thinking parts. Please use academic essay format with introduction with thesis paragraph, supporting paragraphs and conclusion. Do not quote directly, do paraphrasing to support the ideas that you give and use in text citations for that. Please use Calibri 12, single space format.

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