ARTS 2379 Fall 2020 Production Review Essay

    Students will write a  review of a theatrical production. You will learn the most by seeing a live production. Consider all that Houston has to offer:
        – The Hobby Centers Theatre Under The Stars
    – Miller Outdoor Theatre
    –  The Alley Theatre
    – Stages
    Should you find this cost prohibitive, or an impossibility due to a global pandemic, please choose from the approved list of recorded  live stage productions t the end of this document.
        It is important to make the distinction here about a movie musical or a movie version of a play,  versus a  recording of a live production.  A movie musical or a movie version of a play, while often wonderful, is the complete adaptation of a production to movie. It does not retain any of the hallmarks of live theatre, the audiences reaction, the transitions betweens scenes, etc.  What we wish for you to see as a student of this class is recording of a musical or play that features the elements of a live performance. Consider for example, the difference in watching the animated movie of Shrek vesus the 2013 recording of the original Broadway cast of Shrek: The Musical streaming on Netflix.
          All essays must be 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, paragraphs indented. Please proof read your work and use all proper conventions of colligiate writing.
        At the time the essay is due you must provide proof of attendance; i.e. a ticket or a program. This is of course not a requirement if you watch a recording of a production from the approved list.
        Please format your essay  as follows.
    I.    Introduction
    A.    Play Title and Playwright
    B.    Location and date you saw the play
    C.    The Setting place, time, atmosphere, mood of the play
    D.    The Characters type, major and minor
    II.  The Plot identify the following:
    A.    Beginning
    B.    Middle
    C.    End
    D.    Confluct
    E.    Resolution
    III. Theme(s)  – support the theme(s) of the play you have identified with evidence from some of the following:
    A.    The characters
    B.    The dialogue
    C.    The plot
    D.    Etc.
    IV. Production Elements discuss the effectiveness of the following:
    A.    Set
    B.    Props
    C.    Costumes
    D.    Make-up
    E.    Lighting
    F.    Sound
    V. Your opinion
    A. Of the actors performance
    B. Over-all impression of the play

    Approved List of Recorded Stage Productions
    o    Latin History for Morons
    o    Shrek: The Musical
    o    1989 Into the Woods
    o    Legally Blonde The Musical  (Pro-shot By MTV) 11/29/2018
    o    Hamilton
        Amazon Prime Video
    o    Live From Licoln Center Rodgers & Hammersteins Carousel (Free with Prime)
    o    Puffs Filmed Live- Rent for $3.99
    o    The Wiz Live- Buy episode for $2.99
    o    Spongebob Musical Live on Stage  $9.99 rental
    o    Newies: The Broadway Musical $2.99 rental
        Andrew Lloyd  Webers  Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert
        The Barn Theatre
        Henry V
        Cheek by Jowl
        The Winters Tale

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