The Strategy That Will Fix Health Care

    Note: Beside the Guidelines attached

        Referencing Style

    Please use the following referencing style:
    For Journal Articles:
    LN, FN, FN LN, and FN LN.  Year.  Title of Article, Journal Name (Month/date), Vol. No., pp.

    For Books:
    LN, FN, and FN LN.  Year.  BOOK TITLE (All Caps), City & State/location of Publisher: Publisher Name, pp.

    You can use reference numbers in the text as well.

    Within the text, please write the references as:
        (Last-name Year, Last-name Year) OR use numbers (1-4).  NO ENDNOTES OR FOOTNOTES.

    Whatever referencing style you elect to use, just be consistent with it and do not mix and match

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