The potential of embryonic stem cells

    Scenario – You have just been hired as an R&D product manager at a Biotechnology company, Helix Inc. 
    As a first step, your boss wants you to brush up on your literature research skills and ive her a
    sense of how well you understand ethics as it relates to various biotechnology  areas nd

    our first task is as follows:

    1)  Select a topic from a provided list of topics

    2)  Submit the selected topic in the Discussion area by the end of Week 1.

    3)  Use this topic for your Library Research Activity Assignment in Week 2.

    4)  Register for Graduate Writing Tutoring, the link can be found in LEO in “Content/ Assessing
    Tutoring for Graduate Writing”.

    5)  Once you have completed  the library research your boss asks you to write a paper on your
    topic that includes

    a.  an introduction and historical background to the topic,

    b.  a description of the nature of any societal or ethical problems associated with the topic,

    c.  a presentation of pro and against arguments

    d.  an analysis of any ethical issues surrounding your topic

    e.    Wrap-up with a strong and logical conclusion

    f.    Complete APA citation

    g.  Proofread your paper

    6)  This paper should be approximately 2000 words, plus relevant diagrams, graphs, and other
    figures, references and URLs on a societal issue in biotechnology. This paper may not include any
    of your work which you have been submitted previously  for another class at any time.

    The first draft of this paper is due by the end of Week 6. Use the Writing Tutoring to help you ith
    style/grammar and proper citation format.

    7)  When your draft is ready, submit it to your writing tutor. Once you receive feedback from your
    tutor, submit your first draft along with the provided feedback to your assignment folder.

    This part of your assignment (the first draft) will be graded as PASS/FAIL.

    As you work on the final draft, consider implementing recommendations/feedback provided by your
    tutor. If you have any questions about the technical/Biotechnology content, feel free to contact me
    and I will be happy to help.

    8)  Submit the final draft of your paper to the Week 9 Discussion Area and your assignment folder
    by the beginning of Week 9 (Monday 10 am). Your paper will be the topic of class discussion for
    that week.

    9)  Your paper will be submitted to TURNITIN (by your instructor) for originality verification. If
    any of part of your submitted work contains 10% or more material copied from other sources, a grade
    of no more than 50% will be assigned to the whole assignment. I strongly encourage you to pay close
    attention to proper paraphrasing and proper citation.

    Topic : The potential of embryonic stem cells

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