The Mathematics Behind a Bullet Impact

    Basically it has to focus on the mathematics on a bullet impact, for example how mathematics plays on the entry of a bullet between flesh vs a bullistic plastic object vs one shot at a brick wall. To make it easier compare using the same 5.56mm round that would be shot from an M4 and M16 Rifle. It’s not so much focus on the topic itself, but the mathematics behind it. It is for a Math&107 college corse class that is Math in Society.

    The essay is to be in MLA format, 12 letter size, Times New Roman Format, Double Spaced and a total of 4 pages. This is not including the reference page. That’s a page all by itself, and it’s a minimum of only 2 references. It can be anything online to include youtube, actual books and manuals except for wikipedia is not allowed.

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