The Gender Gap in Leadership: Barriers and Challenges for Women.

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    The purpose of this research is to discuss the Gender Gap in Leadership: Barriers and Challenges for Women.  But the main question of this research: are women leading in a way that is different than men? the goal is to determine whether gender differences exist in leadership and their potential source. Gender affects leadership in many aspects.  Whether men and women lead in a different way it’s still a highly debated issue. Therefore, this paper will intend to initiate and addresses the leadership gender gap, leadership styles between genders (e.g. Glass ceilings), challenges, and barriers for women to advance into top leadership roles and future.  However, the major effect of gender on leadership is that women are presumed to be less competent and less worthy to hold leadership positions (Eagly, 2001). Understanding these issues will aid organizations to understand women more when it comes to the gender leadership gap. As more women continue to enter the business world and experience the obstacles and elements that men do not face, solutions to these must be found. We hope this study is part of the solution.

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