The Founding of the Transatlantic Partnership

    By necessity, the United States and European states forged a transatlantic partnership after World War II that required each to adopt new policies/practices in foreign relations, and to redefine their previous notions of national security. Agree or disagree?  (This thesis statement can adjusted, depending on your argument.  Your aim to prove or disprove this statement with the evidence presented in the readings of the last two weeks.)

    Be specific in your answer, if you want to argue that the statement is true:  Explain why old policies had to be changed (was it by necessity?); Identify and analyze how and why a new approach was developed by both the US and European states, and for what purpose, (be specific in your explanation and analysis of the new institutions/ practices created and the reasons underlining post-war actions/policies.

    On the other hand, if you want to argue that the postwar situation did not require new methods of foreign policy, explain how and why the specific policies and practices followed were continuations of earlier policies/ideas or that the changes made laid the groundwork for future conflict and a Cold War. 

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