The final paper will assess your ability to apply knowledge learned throughout the course by developing a comprehensive examination of one federal agency of the United States Government or a well-known nonprofit organization locally or nationally.

    The paper should detail the basic mission and operations of the organization you selected.
    You should briefly describe the history of the organization (e.g. founding date, important events, growth and change of the organization) but only provide details that are important to understanding it today.
    Next you should detail the organizations stakeholders and political opponents/supporters.  Make sure to explain why these stakeholders support or oppose the agency and their reasons for doing so, what and how have public opinions changed the organization, which groups support and which disagree with the organizations mission/goals.
    Next, provide at least one example of a large goal/program the organization is pursuing
    Then explain how their interactions with their organizational environment have impacted their success at reaching that goal.
    Finally, your paper should examine how the organizations structure or design has impacted its ability to be successful (e.g. in the case of the NASA the explosion of the space shuttle challenger was impacted by who and how voices were brought into the decision to launch).
    Resource Requirements – A minimum of 5 separate sources must be used for this paper (in addition to the assigned readings from the course). The agencys website and other reputable sites are authorized. Sites such as are not. Great weight will be given to non-websites sources such as books, magazines, journals, newspapers, articles, interviews, etc.

    Dont forget to use APA style for your citations.

    Length The paper should be approximately 6 pages. Points will be deducted for those shorter than 6 pages or longer than 8 pages (not including cover pages, abstracts, works cited or references). The paper will be graded based on its comprehensiveness, focus, organization, support, clarity and thoughtfulness.

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