the film no country for old men

    Provide an analysis of your chosen film with detailed reference to at least one course reading in detail (i.e. an article listed on the course syllabus). You should also include some passing references to Stagecoach (1939) as a Classical Hollywood western that is comparatively traditional. Please provide a works cited page with all reference details. (I am completely flexible about the citation system you use, but the syllabus includes an acceptable MLA format that you can easily copy.)

    You should focus on ONE or TWO of the following interconnected topics in detail:

    The mythology of the western frontier
    Representations of violence
    The cowboy as an icon
    The symbolic significance of the American landscape

    Make sure you provide clear thesis statements that directly address one or two of these topics. Also, your paper should be grounded in a close analysis of one scene from your chosen film. This close analysis should be at least one page long.

    Whichever options and film you decide to discuss in the paper, maintain your clear focus on the details of your chosen film.

    Avoid making unsupported generalizations about genre. Instead, focus on the meanings within your chosen film example. Your task is not to define the western but, rather, to consider the meaning of your particular film example in relation to specific conventions that you can identify well. Make sure that every time you assert what a western typically does, you can support thatagain, Stagecoach is a useful reference point in this regard.

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