The examined life

    *argue for what value the philosophical practice of self-examination has for the person who engages in it, and explain what complications may result from this practice

    *explain what value a philosopher might have for society as a whole

    *detail how you have engaged in philosophical practice in your life, and what the results have been
    (in the this section only, you can use 1st person)

    MAX length: 3 pages

    In your essay be sure you:
    -Give an introduction that orients your reader to the context of your essay
    -Address the 3 Writing Requirements in the order presented on the prompt, in a minimum of 1 paragraph for each WR
    -Cite directly from both The Apology (in 2.4) and The Value of Philosophy (in 1.6) to support, exemplify, or extend your arguments and explanations
    -Make clear, concise arguments and explanations, using appropriate reasons and evidence
    -Cite specific examples of your own experience in WR 3
    -Give an appropriate conclusion to your essay
    -Follow all the Format Directions as posted in the Syllabus and Course Documents section of Blackboard.

    DO NOT use or consult any outside sources at all. 
    Since everyone is using only the same two sources, it is not necessary to make a Works Cited page.

    i added the only sources you need to use

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