The Effect of Corporate Tax Rate changes on UK Employee Earnings and Welfare

    I have already completed a dissertation proposal for this topic, so as far as the step of researching the topic is concerned that is essentially sorted; the proposal can be integrated in to the final paper, so in essence, depending on how much of the proposal is implemented into the final paper, 1200-1500 words have already been completed. The word count for this dissertation is 7500 words.

    The part of this paper I have found the most challenging is the methodology, as it is an empirical paper. A model needs to be created using Stata to analyze the effect of changing the corporate tax rate in the UK on the salaries and/or wages of employees in the UK, as outlined in the proposal. As such, it would ideal if you have a lot of experience in statistics/creating empirical models, I personally am not the most proficient at using Stata, so if you think the method/model I’ve chosen to use in the proposal methodology is incorrect or could be improved feel free to do so. I’ve included the datasets I wish to analyze, if you think you need to redo the collection of the datasets because I’ve messed it up somehow, please use the FAME database to do so, it is quick and relatively easy to use.

    This dissertation is for submission at a UK university, I don’t know if that affects anything but I figured I’d just put that in there.

    I’ve already had one extension to the deadline of this paper since I caught the coronavirus in March and was knocked out of action for over month, because of this I really need to be sure I can have this in by the deadline. I cannot afford to have to resit the year.

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